My life is blessed with the 2 most amazing little boys, Maddox and Mason, which have inspired this blog. I hope through the love and craziness of our family, I can give each person who reads this something to smile about! God Bless!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

On November 23rd we went to visit Santa. We made an appointment and went to Phipps as we have dine since Maddox was born. It is always so easy and no waiting in line! I was unsure how it would go this year. We had really talked it up to Maddox and he was SO excited about asking Santa for trains and Mason I was sure would be ok. He is so easy going and happy all the time. When we got there Maddox was unsure at first, but did great. They both did GREAT! No tears and even got smiles. My pictures don't do the experience justice, but the one that the company took has both boys smiling. Love it! We also took some pictures by the Christmas trees at the mall as well. Very pleasant day!

Silly Maddox

Mason looks like he is waving.

Love these boys!

The Wall men! Daddy and his boys.

Special bond between mommy and her boys.

The lady taking this obviously did not know how to zoom.

They did great!

Little blurry, but good.

Reading Maddox's wish list. Look at Mason starring at Santa.

If you click on a picture it makes it big . . . in this one Maddox is talking to Santa and Mason still has not taken his eyes off him . . . love it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Weekend in Athens!

We decided this year that we were going to make a weekend getaway out of our trip to Athens for the last home game. UGA played Kentucky on November 21st. We got a room at the Georgia Center which is the hotel right on campus near where we tailgate. We had a great weekend! When we got there Friday night we had a few things to get at the store. Jerrod asked Maddox if he wanted to ride the bus and Maddox was ecstatic. We drove to the store, did our shopping and then Mason and I drove back and Jerrod and Maddox rode the bus. We went downtown Friday night and had pizza at Transmetropolitan and walked around a bit. Saturday we tailgated all day and headed to the game that night. Sunday we got up and headed home. It was nice not to have to get up so early Saturday to drive to Athens and get there by 7am for a parking space . . . not to mention the drive home after the late game. The boys were great and we look forward to next season!

Mason hanging out on the bed when we arrived.

Maddox riding the Athens Clarke County Bus.

Patiently waiting for his pizza . . . loving his sprite



Oh yeah! Perfection!

Jerrod and Maddox downtown by one of the bulldogs.

Mason and mommy by the bulldog.

Maddox, Mason and mommy waiting at the Arch for our ride.

Group hug!

Saturday morning feast!

It was a cold morning!

Breakfast #2.

Happy boy.

Mason tailgating.

Trip to the gift shop. Love the hat!

Poor dog!

Tim and Mason

Headed to the game hat and all . . . come back Maddox, you forgot your coat! He loves elevators.

Thanksgiving Fun at School!

On Thursday, November 19th Maddox had his Thanksgiving party at school. Jerrod, Mason and I all went to join him for the festivities. They had made us table decorations. One was a flower pot with "flowers" that were made out of our family hands and they also had place mats with turkeys. We had a great meal, hung out, handed out our Oreo turkeys and to his classmates and called it a day. We all have SO much to be thankful and celebrating those gifts is always a joy!

Maddox was excited! So cute!

His flower pot with all our hand prints.

This is the place mat he made for the party!

This is Maddox's little girlfriend! She is a doll.

Time to eat!

Mason was happy to be at the party too.

Daddy and Maddox enjoying the party and eating some dessert!

Creek Walk!

Back on November 19th, Maddox wanted to walk down to the creek in the neighborhood. We all decided to take a walk because it was a beautiful afternoon. Mason and I stayed on the bank and Maddox and Jerrod went exploring. They started on one side of the road and ended up on the other side after going under the road in the big pipe. I can't wait for it to get warm again and I have 2 little men running around to go exploring with!

Jerrod and Maddox starting their adventure.

Here they are coming out of the pipe after walking under the road to the other side.

Jerrod and Maddox were picking up and throwing stones. Jerrod is trying to show Maddox how to skip a stone in this picture.

Mason and mommy hanging out watching Maddox and daddy.

A Warm Fall Afternoon!

On Sunday, November 15th, we had a fun family day outside in the warm fall air. We all 4 ran around outside, played on the swing set, helped daddy in the backyard and ate push pops! It was great!

Mason playing in the grass with a ball.

Maddox practicing his game of golf.

Just a swingin'!

Mason up in the fort!

Riding daddy's 4 wheeler. Maddox had enough.

Look at his sticky face from the push pops, haha.

Looks yummy!

Sweet big brother sharing with his little brother.

Cousin Aaron Turns 4!

Back on the 14th of November, cousin, Aaron had his 4th birthday party! There was tons of family and everyone had a good time. Maddox and Mason enjoyed hanging out with their cousins!

PeePaw and Mason having a conversation.

Daddy and Mason hanging out.

Emma got Maddox good!

Maddox loves his Emma.

Mason was worn out after Pickett's Mill and then the party. He fell asleep on Mrs. Lisa.

Aaron got a drum set for his birthday. Everyone is checking it out as Uncle Andy unpacks it.

Kisses for PeePaw!

Time to sing Happy Birthday. Maddox is keeping an eye on the ice cream!