My life is blessed with the 2 most amazing little boys, Maddox and Mason, which have inspired this blog. I hope through the love and craziness of our family, I can give each person who reads this something to smile about! God Bless!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jekyll Island 2009!

We loaded up the camper and headed to Jekyll Island for the UGA versus Florida weekend. It happened to be Halloween that Saturday as well. We went to the campgrounds and met up with Mark and Amanda. These are friends from college that we have not seen since they got married in May 2007! That was before Maddox was born . . . seems like decades ago and at the same time just yesterday! It was such a fun weekend. Despite the football game, it was perfect. We hung out, grilled out, watched football, walked to the pier and on the beach, carved a pumpkin and so much more! Here are a few of my favorites pictures from the weekend . . . there are so many to choose from!

Ready for the game: outfit #1. Maddox matched him, but was too busy to sit for a picture.

Our setup: Our camper to the right, Mark and Amanda's to the left and the dawg protecting us. Yep, that is a gator hanging from the tree, haha.

Mommy and her boys!

Mason and daddy ready for the game to begin.

What kid wouldn't be happy here, lol.

Ready for lunch!

Maddox carrying logs to the fire. He was such a big helper . . . adorable!

Mark, Amanda and Maddox.

Maddox and Mason hanging out with Amanda . . . they loved her!

Mommy and Maddox carved this pumpkin on Halloween. I let Maddox pick what shapes he wanted for the eyes and nose and we decided that a "m" mouth was best.

There he is!

Maddox going through his candy stash.

We walked to the pier Saturday night and it was dark and looked really cool with all the moss in the trees.

Mark, Amanda and their baby, aka Buffett.

Mommy and the boys again. Jerrod wandered off!

Maddox "loving" on Mason a little too hard. In their matching Daddy Team shirts.

Gorgeous spot we found!

We found this big oak tree and took pictures in it! Maddox and daddy.

Mason and daddy.

The Wall Family in front of the big tree.

Jerrod and I in the tree. Shows how beautiful it was from far away.

The Stevens Family!

I love the expression on Maddox's face!

All the boys: Mark holding Mason and Jerrod holding Maddox.

Looking at the water.

Mason feeling the sand on his feet.

We made it to the beach briefly. Maddox was FREE!

Maddox climbed up here all by himself . . . my little monkey!

Mark and Mason are worn out!

Maddox playing with Amanda and giving squeezy hugs!

Hey Ma and Pa!

On the way to Jekyll Island for the UGA versus Florida weekend, we stopped and had a quick visit with Ma and Pa in McRae. Mason hung out with Ma while Maddox played with all the animals with Pa. It was too short of a visit, but great to see them. Maddox really enjoys the animals and I know Mason will before too long!

Maddox and Pa heading to see the baby pigs.

Hey little piggies!

Maddox chased the pigs around . . . so cute!

Baby puppies. Oh if we would have let him bring one home he would have been in heaven.

There's Marty!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Celebration at School!

Because not everyone celebrates Halloween, Maddox had what they called a Fall Party at preschool the week before Halloween. They made a pumpkin picture frame craft, ate lots of yummy food and exchanged goody bags! Maddox and his girlfriend Kaitlyn are in the same class again this year, so they partied together!

Maddox swiped a juice box early. He said he was thirsty . . . haha! He looks so big!

Maddox working on his pumpkin picture frame. It was so cute.

Maddox and Kaitlyn waiting on lunch to be served. Isn't she a doll? They are a good looking couple!

Mason went to the party too and acted like a big boy.

Maddox enjoying his big pumpkin cookie at the end. They all had so much fun!!

My Little Tigger And Pooh!

We took Maddox and Mason to the Trick or Treat Village on Oct 24th. We knew we would be out of town on Halloween in Jekyll Island and wanted to get them dressed up early. It was a bit cold, but we still had a great time. Maddox LOVED trick or treating and could not get enough candy . . . talk about sugar high! Mason was a trooper. Maddox dressed as Tigger and Mason was Pooh. They were SO stinkin' cute!

My Little Tigger and Pooh! I love them!

Loaded up and ready to get candy!

Maddox playing basketball to earn his goodies at one station. He was adorable!

Maddox and Mason getting candy . . . needless to say, it all be came Maddox's (or daddy's and mommy's). Haha

Maddox found his BIG twin!

Maddox got excited when he saw Sponge Bob. How do kids learn who this guy is? I never put the cartoon on. Oh well . . . still cute!

Monday, November 2, 2009

On To McRae For Daddy's 10 Year Reunion!

Jerrod has his 10 year reunion in Eastman, Georgia on October 17th. All four of us loaded up and headed to McRae for the day. We hung out with Ma, Pa was on the road traveling, and relaxed a bit. That night Maddox and Mason got to have fun with Ma while Jerrod and I went to the reunion. We had a great time and he was able to catch up with old friends. He got the award for newest baby too! Thanks Mason.

Maddox running around outside looking at all the animals. He loves it on "the farm."

Maddox chased those poor ducks all over.

Still chasing . . . coming around the curve!

Mason enjoying some Ma time.

Mason loving on and playing with daddy!

Maddox decided he would be a cowboy for the evening.