My life is blessed with the 2 most amazing little boys, Maddox and Mason, which have inspired this blog. I hope through the love and craziness of our family, I can give each person who reads this something to smile about! God Bless!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tomahawk Choppin'!

This past Tuesday, August 25th, we went to another Braves game! We have so much fun as a family when we go to these games and Maddox loves it. Mason seems to enjoy it also and is always in a great mood. I think the fresh air and relaxing fun is good for all of us! We had a great time, had great seats, Maddox got a baseball and ran the bases again at Sky Field. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to go again before the season is over.

Maddox sitting on one of the statues before we entered the game.

Maddox and daddy waiting for the game to start. So cute!

Mason and I hanging out in the stands.

Even though he can't talk, I think Mason is telling us he enjoys baseball!

Maddox and I enjoying the game. I love when he comes up to me and says, "Mommy, I want to hold you!"

I was showing Maddox how to take a picture and with a little help, he took this one. Good job buddy!

The ball that the ball boy and the player are warming up with in this picture is the one Maddox ended up with.

We had been trying to get Maddox a ball all night and one of the sweet ushers finally helped us out. She got Jerrod and Maddox on the first row right behind the ball boy and after some patient waiting, here he is with his prize! He was so happy!

We went up to Sky Field for Maddox to run the bases again and Mason had just woke up. He is glued to the camera . . . so funny!

Maddox and Jerrod running the bases.

Go Maddox, Go! Look at his face! (Hint: If you click the photo it will make it bigger)

Both boys were still awake when we got home. Look how happy Mason still is. He cracks me up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Four Wheelin' Fun!

Twice last week, on the 16th and the 18th, Jerrod took Maddox four wheel riding. Maddox loved every minute of it and was so excited to go with daddy! They had a blast a stayed gone for a few hours. When Maddox got home he was beaming from ear to ear. They were able to have some great quality daddy and Maddox time. These are a few pictures that Jerrod sent me while they were on their little adventure.

Maddox looks so big! He is growing up fast.

I love this boy!

Look how muddy everything is. Boys!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

White Water!!

This past Saturday, the 15th, Jerrod and I took Maddox and Mason to White Water. Wow, they have added a ton of kiddie stuff since I remember going years ago. It is a water wonderland. They both were perfect! Maddox couldn't get enough of it and played his little heart out for over 4 hours straight (with just a quick break for a sandwich at lunchtime). Mason just loved being outside and around people and just hung out. We will definitely be going back next year when both boys can run around. What a WONDERFUL day!

Mason started out just chillin' on the lounge.

Maddox immediately went to explore the turtle.

He loved the water that sprayed up from the ground. At times he would stand on the water to make it stop coming up . . . even sat on it a few times!

Back to that silly turtle.

He went down the slide a TON! Over and over and over . . .

Back to the water spraying out of the ground.

Down the slide and wipeout!

Mason had to take a little snooze and get his second wind.

Ice cream break! Yummy!

Mason started kicking his feet up on the tray of the stroller . . . so cute!

He is so happy! Love his smile . . . melts me!

Getting a suntan . . . wait, what is it when you are in the shade? haha

At the end of the day Maddox finally left the kiddie area and Jerrod and him rode around the lazy river. Here they come . . .

There they go!

Picnic at the Park!

On Friday the 14th, we went to the park for a picnic and to feed the ducks. Maddox, Mason and I met up with Becky and Kyra for a fun filled morning! They both loved the play area, but I think the ducks were the hit of the morning. We also took bubbles. Maddox did great and was blowing the bubbles all by himself!

Maddox going down the twisty slide.

Maddox has mastered ladders! Aaaahhh!

Maddox and Kyra riding the see-saw.

Maddox and Kyra feeding the ducks . . . Maddox is a pro after vacation.

Look how they all devour the cheerios when they are thrown in.

Maddox blowing bubbles. He was doing so good!

. . . more bubbles!

Family Fun and the Braves!

On Wednesday the 12th, we had a day full of fun and good times. That morning cousin Aaron came over for a playdate with Maddox (and Mason). They had so much fun! Maddox and Aaron had breakfast, played baseball, all 3 of them played on the playset, they had lunch and then it was time for a much needed bath before Aaron went home. Then, that night it was off to the Braves game. Jerrod, Maddox, Mason and I had a family fun evening! The weather was great and the Braves won! Maddox and I played up in Sky Field and we saw Amanda and Robbie on the Kiss Cam! We love going to the Braves games together. Always good clean fun!

Eating a little breakfast and watching cartoons.

Maddox got this for his birthday and they had a blast playing!

All 3 boys swinging!

Mason enjoyed hanging with the big boys!

Ahh, a much needed bath!

Off to the game . . .

Maddox and Jerrod watching the Braves baseball head guy dance.

Maddox loved the big drum!

Me and my boys!

View from our seats

Jerrod and Mason chillin'

Maddox was clapping and cheering . . . so cute!

We could see the cow great from our seats . . . Maddox thought it was great.

We went up to Sky Field where the kids can run the bases. Maddox wore me and him out!

There he goes again . . .

and again . . .

We took a break to find daddy and Mason in the stands from up where we were.

And then Maddox was right back at it. Look how red his face is!

Jerrod and Mason

After we saw Amanda and Robbie on the Kiss Cam, we called Amanda and she came over to see all of us (really Maddox and Mason), but Jerrod and I were there too. Haha!