My life is blessed with the 2 most amazing little boys, Maddox and Mason, which have inspired this blog. I hope through the love and craziness of our family, I can give each person who reads this something to smile about! God Bless!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Back on October 16th I took Maddox and Mason to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. Our friends Jenny and Little Jon went with us. We had a blast! It was a bit cold that day, but cold was not going to stop our enjoyment! Maddox is very into pumpkins this year and was super excited when he found out where we were going. After an hour and a half ride in the car we arrived! We started with a picnic lunch, next was a 2 mile hayride and then we were all off to explore the thousands of pumpkins. Which ones would we choose? We bought more than needed, but they were so cheap and Maddox and Mason were having so much fun . . . how is a mom to say no. The joy on their faces was worth the few extra dollars. This will definitely be a annual event. We will have to take daddy back next year!

Mason hanging out while we all were eating lunch.

Maddox started exploring while we finished eating.


I love these Boys!!

Me and my boys on the hayride. They both LOVED it!

Riding around in the wheelbarrow looking at pumpkins.

Little Jon joined Maddox and Mason in the wheelbarrow.

We all thought the white pumpkins were cool. Maddox picked one out to take home.

Maddox loading one of his pumpkins. He is getting so big!

Cheese! Maddox had enough of pictures at this point and would not join Mason. haha

Mason and Little Jon.

Maddox climbed up and picked out a green pumpkin.

Headed to the wheelbarrow. Adorable!

Mason protecting all our pumpkins.

We displayed all the pumpkins in the entrance way when we got home.

Disney on Ice!

About a month or so ago I called into a The Fish radio station for a contest and won Disney on Ice tickets! I was SOOO excited! You would have thought I was 2 years old. Unfortunately the show the tickets were for was Thursday, October 15th and I had class. So, it became a daddy date for Maddox. They invited Uncle Josh and Hudson and the 4 boys went. Maddox was so excited when I told him he got to go see Mickey Mouse! Of course Jerrod was reluctant to take pictures, but we got a few. I asked that he at least take one with him and Maddox . . . none of them include Jerrod . . . oh well. He was there too, I promise! Mason had a fun night too. He got Lolli all to himself! (Lolli is Laura Coffey . . . an adopted grandma).

Maddox, Hudson and Uncle Josh headed into Disney on Ice. I love Maddox's little backpack!

Maddox and Hudson standing outside the gear area inside and ready to find their seats!

Mickey Mouse . . . the man himself!

Maddox, intently watching the show.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daddy Time At The Georgia Game!

On Oct. 3rd the Dawgs played the LSU Tigers. It turned out to be a fun Maddox and Daddy day in Athens while Mason and I had a day here in Dallas. We had only 2 tickets and thought about all going and buying 2 more tickets when we got there. The more I thought about it, I needed to stay home and be productive and let Jerrod go with Maddox. They had a really fun day tailgating, watching the game and tailgating again. They would of had more fun if the outcome of the game was different, but quality time is that no matter what!

Maddox hanging out with Aubrey.


Maddox drinking out of a koozie . . . yes, it is sprite!

Maddox put on Jerrod's glasses, so silly! Look how into the game he is . . . love it!

Back at the house Mason was ready to watch the dawgs too! What a cutie-pie!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick Stop in South Georgia

On the way home from Ginny and Wayne's wedding on the 27th of September, we stopped in McRae and Cochran, Georgia. In McRae we had to drop off Ma and Pa from a fun weekend. Of course Maddox and Mason (especially Maddox) had to hang out for a bit and play with the animals. On the way home we also stopped and saw Shawn, Sarah, Anna Kate and Lucas. The kids played and had a great time.

Mason and Ma with Maddox's pony, Marty.

Maddox about to ride a sheep! haha

Lucas hanging out with Uncle Jerrod.

Mason found a toy he was enjoying. So content.

Uncle Shawn took Maddox and Anna Kate for a ride in the wagon.

Maddox loved Shawn's dogs. He is trying to feed them acorns.

Jerrod is helping Maddox feed the horse acorns.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wayne and Ginny Got Married!

The weekend of September 26th, Jerrod, Maddox, Mason and I headed to St. Simons for a weekend of wedding fun! We picked up Ma and Pa on the way and had an extra special few days. We got to be a part of Ginny and Wayne's wedding weekend and Maddox and Mason got to spend some much needed quality time with their Ma and Pa . . . not to mention the huge help they were with the boys since I was in the wedding and very busy! Maddox and Mason were wonderful the whole trip and had fun at the rehearsal and wedding also.

The facility for the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception were outside and really nice. Here is Maddox being a goofball!

Maddox, Mason and Pa taking a walk.

This is the rehearsal . . . Mason is a little hot and tired.

Pa and Mason hanging out at the condo.

Ma and Maddox getting into some books.

The gorgeous bride and her man and all the rest of us.

Maddox dancing at the reception. so funny! Not sure what he is doing.

Maddox found a girlfriend, Elle, and he gave her a candy rose . . . so cute! Later that night they actually danced together, but I did not have my camera on me . . . oh well, it was precious!

Jerrod and Mason hanging out.

Maddox with the beautiful bride . . . he was so hot and sweaty from playing and dancing ALL night!

Mason got into some shorts and felt better. He is hanging out with Frank.