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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wrapping up 2009 and Christmas celebrations!

I know that my blog has been severely neglected since Christmas. I have no excuse other than being a wife, a mom, a full time student, observing in the elementary field and everything that goes along with all of those aspects of my life. Over the last few months when I have thought about trying to catch up on activities it has made me cringe because I knew I was SO far behind. So, I am going to start trying to catchup. I will highlight the main and fun events and hopefully in the next day or two can get to the present. So, here it goes . . .

First of all we had a wonderful Christmas! We were able to see much of our family and the kids had SO much fun. Mason was under the weather, but still tried to be his fun loving self. Below are a few pictures from a wonderful holiday.

Maddox and Mason putting out cookies and milk for Santa!

Maddox woke up to a train table that Santa brought. He was attached it all morning!

Mason got a barn from Santa, but here he is getting into his stocking.

Jerrod and I gave Mason a play table. He loved it then and still plays with it.

Jerrod and Mason.

Maddox got his own police car from Jerrod's parents! So cool! Maddox is taking Mason for a ride and giving him a hug . . . so sweet!

Maddox and Mason with Ma in the outfits she made them.

Maddox opening the workbench he got from my parent's. He had quite an amazing Christmas!

Mason opening his ball popper that my parents got him. He loved it!

My little munchkins and I playing with the ball popper.

My cousin Traci that I had not seen in YEARS came to spend the holidays with us. Such a blessing!

My Gramme, G.G. to the boys, getting some love from Mason!

The day after Christmas, December 26th, we celebrated PeePaw's 60th birthday (my dad). We have a family gathering of Gramme and Grandpa, the South Carolina bunch (my mom's sister and and family) and all the girls and families . . . including Anslie and her family from NJ. They got to the party at around 10pm, after some car trouble . . . but they made it. Fun times!

Dad with a few grandkids and family members about to blow out his candle.

A.C. and Mason (please ignore his expression . . . he was sick and miserable). They are only 11 days apart despite the size difference.

Both Maddox and Mason have thoroughly enjoyed plying will ALL the Christmas toys. Here are two cute pictures in the days following Christmas.

Mason with his ball popper.

Maddox learning how to play the Wii that Jerrod and I got for Christmas!

On December 30th, we celebrated Nana's birthday (my mom). Anslie and family were already in Florida visiting his family and Andy and Jerrod were working so me and the boys went to celebrate.

Mason starting to feel better playing on the floor.

Mom opening the bag we gave her.

Kara and her kids were there too. Maddox and Aaron were getting her.

On January 1, 2010, we brought in the new year by heading to McRae. We spent time with Jerrod's parents, went to the family get together in Sylvania for a belated Christmas and stopped to see Memaw as well. It was great to see everyone and we had a good time.

Mason saying hi to Pa.

They have a new sheep dog that Maddox loved!

Maddox carrying on a conversation with Pa.

We got to see Nande at the family Christmas. Mason sat with her.

Maddox eating lunch with Abbey.

Maddox showing off a train to Nande.

Mason meeting Memaw.

Mason and cousin Lucas playing.

Memaw, Mason and Maddox

Playing with the dog through the window before leaving.

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