My life is blessed with the 2 most amazing little boys, Maddox and Mason, which have inspired this blog. I hope through the love and craziness of our family, I can give each person who reads this something to smile about! God Bless!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Fun at Preschool!

Back on December 17th, Maddox had his Christmas party at school. They made reindeer puppets, ate pizza and cookies and exchanged books with each other! It was a lot of fun! Jerrod was not able to make it, but Mason slept through it, so it was nice to give Maddox my full attention at his party. Maddox gave all his classmates candy trains that we made too.

Maddox making his puppet with his teacher Ms. Lisa. Kaitlyn (his girlfriend) and her mom are next to him.

Here is my puppet!

Maddox and Kaitlyn eating some pizza. They always sit next to each other. So cute!

Maddox getting his book in the exchange.

Maddox showing off the candy trains he was handing out to his class.

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